Student surveillance testing program with image of a student in a mask sitting at a school desk

As part of the requirements included in the New Mexico Public Education Department Toolkit for New Mexico’s Public Schools (page 18), all schools are required to provide a student surveillance testing program, in addition to the staff surveillance testing program. The student surveillance testing program is voluntary and parents/guardians may choose if they wish to participate. 

The goal of the student surveillance program is to test unvaccinated asymptomatic students to discover undiagnosed cases and to better understand the rate of infection in the community. Last school year, every public school had this same requirement, however the difference this year is that the NMPED has now given schools a weekly goal of testing 25% of unvaccinated students. 

Here is how the student surveillance testing program at Rio Rancho Public Schools will generally work:

  1. The program is completely voluntary for students.

  2. No testing will be conducted by RRPS staff or at RRPS facilities.

  3. Parents and guardians of selected students (those without proof of vaccination on file) will receive an email from RRPS inviting them to participate in voluntary student surveillance testing. 

  4. Parents and guardians may choose to participate or not. If they choose not to participate, they may simply ignore the email with no further requirements.

  5. Parents and guardians who choose to participate in our student surveillance testing program will be asked to take their child to the testing site of their choice, at a date of their choosing. You may utilize the statewide VAULT testing program (, one of the Public Health Office Testing Sites ( or one of the Curative testing sites ( 

  6. Parents and guardians who choose to participate should report their results to us (all positive results should be reported immediately and directly to the school) online at: 

The students selected will be chosen at random from the pool of students without proof of vaccination on file with the school. Email invitations to participate in the voluntary student surveillance testing program will be sent to the primary parent email address in your child’s PowerSchool record.