Free WIFI Hot spots around Rio Rancho:

  • 4001 Southern Blvd. by NM Bank and Trust (parking lot) 

  • RRMS in the parking lot by the gymnasium for RRPS students and staff

  • Sparklight office has open wifi in their parking lot: 7501 Nita Pl., NE – just off of Enchanted Hills Blvd.

  • Puesta del Sol Elementary School- Free Sparklight service in parking lot

  • Lincoln Middle School- Free Sparklight service in parking lot

  • Church of the Incarnation Parish- 2309 Monterrey Rd NE- Public parking lot along Monterrey dr.

  • First Baptist Church of Rio Rancho- 3906 19th Ave SE.

RRPS Assistance

RRPS has partnered with Sparklight and T-mobile to offer connectivity assistance to our families in need. 

What if we do not have internet service in our home?

  • If a family needs assistance with internet connectivity, please complete the application.

    • Internet Connectivity Application:  bit.ly/31ChBE6

When will Sparklight be connected at our home if we qualify for help?

  • Sparklight will be contacting you.  Check your phone messages. 

  • The service will turned on by the first day of school for those of you who applied early:  August 7, 2020

  • All other requests are on a first come/first serve basis and they are working hard to get everyone connected that needs our support during this time.

What is the Sparklight agreement?

  • Data Limits:  RRPS has elected to provide High-Speed Internet service for educational use only. The agreement includes a 200GB data plan per month for Residence. Residences who use more than 200GB may have service suspended for remainder of the month.  Should service be disconnected due to exceeding data limit, family is responsible for finding other means of internet access for students.

  • You are responsible for returning the Cable Modem upon completion of the RRPS agreement term. 

  • You may be billed a fee of up to $100 if Cable Modem is lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise not returned to Sparklight at the completion of the agreement

  • For questions, please email: RRPSSparklightInternet@sparklight.biz

Where do I pick up the hotspot if I am out of Sparklight's area?

  • If you qualify, you will pick up the hot spot when you pick up your child's Chromebook at the school site.

**If you are leaving RRPS or decide to leave at any time, please return your equipment to your school.  Please check your school's web page or email your school for dates/times you can return the equipment.