Go Bananas and Save the Gorillas!

Go Bananas and Save the Gorillas!

April 30 – May 17

Help your Rio Rancho Elementary student save the gorillas and chimpanzees by collecting

 *Smart phones *Cell Phones *iPods *iPads *Tablets *Adapters *Chargers *MP3 Players *Handheld Gaming Systems and Accessories

Bring donated items to Rio Rancho Elementary for collection. All electronics will be donated to the Albuquerque Zoo to be recycled by EcoCell www.eco-cell.com.  You should delete your personal information from your cellular device and lots of information is available on the web
CLICK Here for Instructions for wiping your device


* 1.5 billion Smart phones are sold worldwide every year

* In the United States there are over half a billion unrecycled cell phones

* Less than 20% of cell phones are recycled each year

* In the United States nearly 11,000,000 phones go unrecycled every month

* There are only 5,000 Eastern lowland gorillas remaining in the wild

* In the past 5 years the Eastern Lowland Gorilla population has declined 90%

* There are fewer than 700 mountain gorillas remaining in the wild.

* Recycling electronics can save gorillas and chimpanzees by protecting their habitats