Shannon Lucero Kindergarten Teacher RRES

Welcome to Mrs. Lucero's Kindergarten Class!

Our March Curriculum Includes: 

Language Arts

Stories: Unit 4B-  Making Music-Vocabulary: drumsticks, rattles, important, instrument, world, bells, note, memory, stomp, hum, strips, wrap, decorate

                            Clothes in Many Cultures- Vocabulary: powwows, parkas, sarongs, business suits, sturdy, brides, grooms, kilts

Reading Analysis:
Non-fiction Text Elements with a Focus on:
Questions and Answers.
Main Topic and Supports. 
Foundation Skills: 
Letter Sounds and words: g, ing, all, e, ee/ea, and helper e to create long vowel sounds. 
Blending sounds to make words within the context of sentences
Using pictures, sight words, and phonics  to read words fluently. 
Spelling sounds in CVC (cat), CVVC (meat), and VCE (tape) words and simple sentences. 
Sight Words: 
number words, here, go, from, that, color words
Upper-case letters only at the beginning, for I and names. 
Correct punctuation  .  !  ?
Choosing a topic and writing key details.
Writing questions and answers found in the text. 


Module 4 Topics D and E: 

Decomposing (taking apart) numbers to 10 using a number bond

Using the number bond to write addition and subtraction number sentences.

Composing numbers to 10
Finding the missing part within 10. 

Story problems with numbers to 10 within 2 groups (part-whole)
Fluency tasks for the groups that compose amounts to 10.