Debi Rodrigues-Kindergarten Teacher RRES

Welcome to the magical year of kindergarten!Jean Victor Balin Starplose.png
Here's a list of the main learning goals we have for this year:

Literacy Goals:
1. To be able to discuss in detail informational and fiction texts after being read to.
2. To be able to clap the syllables of words.
3. To tell if words rhyme and to make up rhyming words.
4. To write all of the letters. 
5. Know all the letter names and sounds including long and short vowels.
6. To be able to read grade-level texts with words such as looking, behind, across, babies, etc.
7. To be able to re-tell a story after reading it.
8. Spell phonetically. 
9. Write a sentence with a capital, spaces, and ending punctuation. 
10. Write your opinion, a narrative, and facts. 

Math Goals:
1. Count to 100 by ones and tens. 
2. Write numbers 1 - 20. Be able to count out items up to 20. 
3. Add and subtract from 10 with ease.
4. Describe if two numbers are greater, than, or the same. 
5. Classify items into categories; count them; then sort categories by count. 

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